Talking About Movies

Talking About Movies


ⒸMasahiko Tone 2017


Mason : Hey, Emily, how’s it going?

Emily: Hi, Mason, how are you doing?

Mason : I’m doing all right.  Do you have any plans for this evening?

Emily: No, nothing in particular. Why?

Mason : How about going to the movies then?

Emily: With you?  Thanks for asking me, but actually I was just thinking about doing some shopping downtown. Why don’t you ask Olivia?  You’ve been seeing her a lot lately, haven’t you?

Mason : Well, yeah, sort of.  Actually, I’ve just asked her, but she said she was busy with her new project today, so ...

Emily: So you want me to be her replacement?

Mason : No, I didn’t mean that, um ... I was just wondering ... you like movies, right?

Emily: Of course.  I love movies.  When I was in high school, I went to a movie theater almost every weekend, but now I much prefer to watch them at home. It’s been ages since I went to a theater.  All new movies are available on DVD if you just wait for a few months, so why bother to go to a cinema?

Mason : Well, I may be a bit too impatient, but I just can’t wait when I hear everybody talking about a new film. And I have nothing against watching, for example, romances or comedies at home, like Woody Allen’s films, but I’m crazy about sci-fi and action movies, like Star Wars, Avatar, or 007.  I don’t think you can fully appreciate that kind of movie on a small screen at home.

Emily: You’re right, but we got a big-screen 4K TV recently.  It’s fifty-five inches and I think it’s big enough for me.

Mason : Fifty-five!  Wow, that’s great, but it’s not only about the size of the screen, you know. Television speakers tend to have a rather tinny sound, with a weak bass.  Theaters have powerful sound equipment, a surround sound system and everything.

Emily: Hm, I see your point.  So, what movie are you going to see today?

Mason: The new Mad Max. I bet you’ll love it.

Emily: Well, I’m afraid movies like that are not for me.  They give me a headache.

Mason: Oh, that’s too bad.  What kind of movies do you like then?  You know I’m a movie nut. You name it, I saw it.

Emily: What movie did you see recently that you really liked?  I mean besides sci-fi and action.

Mason : Well, I’ve seen lots of good ones, so it’s hard to pick one, but, uh ... oh, yes, have you seen Whiplash?

Emily: Whiplash?  I don’t think I have.  What’s it about, a car chase?

Mason : No, no, it's a movie about a young jazz musician and his teacher. It's just awesome!  You shouldn’t miss it.

Emily: Now I remember. That’s the movie Madison told me about.  She used to be a member of a local jazz band herself, but she didn’t like it at all.

Mason : Oh, really?  Why’s that?

Emily: She said it's a movie made by people who don't give a damn about jazz because they’re just using jazz to tell a story.  It could’ve been a boxing movie—or maybe a war movie, like Full Metal Jacket , and it was like a nightmare for her, she says.

Mason : What’s so wrong with a movie about a musician being a bit like Rocky

Emily: She says their approach to jazz was all wrong.  She says jazz is something to really enjoy, but the musicians in that movie didn’t seem to enjoy it at all. 

Mason: Well, maybe it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but you shouldn’t avoid it just because someone criticizes it. You should see it for yourself and find out who’s right. I’m sure it’s worth seeing at least once.

Emily: OK, if you insist, I’ll rent it and watch it next weekend.  I promise.

Mason : I’m sure you’ll like it better than you expect.

Emily: Yeah, maybe. See you!

Mason: See you, take care!